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My Background

From a very young age I connected with sound and vibration joining the Notre Dame Panthers drum core. I've always found comfort in music and calming sounds especially in moments of grief and loss. On my second trip to India I explored further the study of sound healing, Ayurvedic massage and herbal medicine. Tibetan singing bowls and gongs calmed my mind and relaxed my body. Upon returning I opened a small studio space specializing in Sound Healing and vibrational therapy. I quickly realized incorporating massage would round out the full experience. 


During my first 7 month stay in India, I studied and received certificates in India with Master Tenzin Doula from Tibet he is a disciple of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Monk.  Interestingly enough he never promoted marketing or the hype  around Tibetan singing bowls and keeps his sessions simple, authentic, and to the point, solely focused on the benefits of Intention, Vibration and Sound.  

I studied in South India with International Academy of Sound Healers “IASH”. Focus and teaching style was on Deep Relaxation Techniques, Mind Detoxification, and Healing with Sound for Physical, Mental, Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Enlightenment. 

 I believe we are all looking for ways to improve our health, find more balance and acquire new perspective in our lives. My goal is to contribute to your wellness path and hold a space where you can feel safe enough to relax and journey into the unknown.  I am looking forward to sharing this beautiful ancient modality of healing with you. ​


My Approach

At NoraKila Massage we believe that all aspects of human health are important and require attention. This includes not only the mental and physical but incorporating healing on a spiritual and energy level. 

By using sound healing, restorative massage and other modalities we address the body on a cellular level to draw out toxins in order to heal from the inside out, aligning the seven chakras.

We are all in control of our mind and body. Our aim is to help facilitate your personal journey towards health and well-being.

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