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Relax, Refresh, Revitalize

RESTORATIVE & TRANSFORMATIVE bringing MASSAGE THERAPY to a Spiritual, Emotional and Physical level for a Whole Body Experience

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Sundays Are Reserved For Couples Only 
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24 hour cancellation policy
We are located upstairs side entrance of Pelle adjacent to hair salon 

Company policy pertains to all appointments made, please respect my time and show up, if not then we will have to charge you for the entire session due to the possibility that someone else would have been able to schedule that time.  Thank you for the common courtesy, your understanding and cooperation, looking forward to seeing you for a great massage experience 


Donna M. Bellerose
Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Donna and I am a licensed massage therapist and sound healer. In my search toward mental and physical wellness I discovered the endless benefits of massage, sound healing, oxygen therapy and essential oils. I found relief from systemic inflammation, hormonal/endocrine imbalances, depression, insomnia, stress and lack of energy.  When the opportunity to explore the world of eastern medicine presented itself I jumped. I  decided to submerse myself in these modalities as well as yoga and the Ayruvedic lifestlye. I spent a year in beautiful India on a spiritual journey. Immediately I knew this was my passion and wanted to pass it on to others.

*offering gift certificates*

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Total Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

I just had my second massage with Donna today. Her technique is consistently amazing, both strong and intuitive. The space is unlike anything I've ever seen, so beautiful and serene. The whole experience was something very unique with sacred sound instruments throughout , and  a few minutes on the oxygen machine which, helped with my allergies. Donna has earned herself a lifelong customer and I am happy to refer all may friends to her as well.




Amazing and relaxing experience, if you are an intuitive or empath, this is the massage therapist for you. Very healing and cleansing.

I highly recommend the 90 minutes!!!!


where do I even begin... I have had chronic pain from a neurological condition for the past 2 years. I also studied massage with a amazing instructor, Ive learned techniques from multiple countries/cultures. I have not been able to find someone who has Been able to help me with my pain or live up to the way I was trained in massage. (I left that out of our long conversation before and after my massage) for the first time in years Donna helped me!!! I have not felt this amount of pain relief in years. She is so intuitive and isync. She is obviously extremely knowledgeable in annotomy and kinesiology. I did not have to tell her anything she knew exactly where my pain was and how to relax my muscles. Im so so so impressed. I hope Donna never stops doing what she does. She has a new customer for life. Im so thankful I met her.



978-606-7402    |

159 Frontage rd

Manchester, N.H. 


Side entrance of Pelle Med Spa adjacent to Hair Salon

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